Whoa, what happened to the updates, dude?

I’m still here. I’m trying to finish Phenomenon 32. All the voice recording is done. Lots of other stuff is done. But the work has been delayed by various pleasant and unpleasant things – meeting friends, hanging out with my mother, Verena being verbally assaulted by a lunatic from our old theatre group (big macho guys show their real toughness by yelling at shy girls when their husbands aren’t there), and so on. The last bit in particular was kind of unsettling, and has slowed everything down a little. It’s also reminded us of how much we want to leave this country, for a place that is sunny and does not have these psychopaths (I used to think this more of a misunderstanding, with people being led to believe the wrong things, but once you get this kind of naked and digusting aggression, you pretty much settle for people being psychopaths).

Anyway. This sounds terribly negative, but there has been good stuff, too. Right now I have a pizza in the oven and am about to start working on Phenomenon 32 again. Last time I checked, I was almost finished with one of the most boring and complicated bits of the game (for me, that is… it should be fun for the player).

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