Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

When not working my arse off finishing Phenomenon 32 (almost there), I have lately quite enjoyed playing Borderlands. The game is surprisingly good – I’m not very far in the story yet, and I’m not expecting any wonders there, but the presentation is stylish in an appealingly mad way, and the gameplay is great fun. Imperfect, but still a lot more fun than most games I’ve played lately. Here’ the game’s intro, which I think is pretty amazingly awesome:

Since I enjoyed the intro so much, I looked up the song. Turns out it’s by a band called Cage the Elephant. It’s from their debut album, and as I found out, the rest of it is also pretty cool. Yay, new music to listen to! Rock’n’roll will never die!

Now back to work. Making sure the construction screen works properly. I recently decided to allow the player to improve his weapons’ rate of fire, which has made things more complicated. Eliminating bugs in this game is a lot harder than with anything I’ve done previously, because there’s just so much more stuff.

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