I Heart Keith, and other news

Not much to say. Verena, who was a little sick, is feeling better. I’m still gettting annoying headaches, apparently because of my neck – I spend too much time sitting at the computer and working on Phenomenon 32.  I’d like to tell you some cool stuff about all the progress I’ve made, but that would include spoilers, so I won’t. I could say that the game currently has about 40 levels/areas, but that doesn’t mean much, and neither does the fact that it will have another 20-30 more when I’m done. But even if the game is too easy, there will be plenty of exploration to do. I think. Or maybe you’ll run through the whole game in a couple of hours. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

And now, watch Keith Olbermann do a wonderfully hilarious Rupert “Source of All Evil” Murdoch impression:

And after that, how about this clip of Olbermann tearing Glenn Beck a new one? Ah, the joy! If only there were more people like him.

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