Heptapods and Cats

Yesterday went quite well. I only managed to finish three levels, but that’s because I decided to add/change some graphics, and because a major crash forced me to redo an entire area (I hadn’t saved after putting in all the creozoids). But I’m still happy with the results, so it’s all good. And finally seeing a Heptapod in action convinced me that putting in stealth mode was a good idea.

And now, something profoundly intellectual and world-affecting: a YouTube cat video (found quite accidentally via Hugh Hancock’s LJ). Watch it. Trust me.

And then watch this one, featuring the same cat: another piece in the great and mysterious puzzle of Kittendom. It should brighten up your day. And if you’re depressed, remember how lucky you are to live in a world that has such creatures in it – that for all the horrors of everyday life, all the mind-numbing boredom of the system we live in, and all the unimaginable horrors other people have to live with, we still live in a world that is full of funny and wondrous beings, many of them cats.

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