Progress Report

My main creative project here in the Dominican Republic is working on my novel. I know I keep mentioning it without ever providing details, but let’s hope that this will change in the next few months. I’m not done yet, but the possibility of being done is becoming more and more real. There’s still some really challenging bits to tackle, but I’m working on it – today I actually started writing one of the trickier parts, which I’d attempted before and failed miserably. Now it’s working, because I figured it out. Yay!

I also started making myself a glossary, which is useful when you’re dealing with an enormously complicated setting. I was shocked to find that going through 15 pages of story resulted in two pages of glossary entries. But it’s all good: the book has its own voice. I just really hope I can get it published by a non-genre publisher – I am so disgusted with the categorization of books and the whole mentality behind it that I would love to contribute, if only in  a little way, to dismantling that kind of thinking. Yeah, I know, good luck with that.

I’m also itching to finish Phenomenon 32, and to do more film-work. The moment I get back I’m going to upload both trailers for the film to YouTube.
That’s it for now. Keep checking back – there are likely to be regular updates again, especially in Verena’s wonderful blog.