Happy Birthday, Verena!

Today is Verena’s birthday. Yesterday we went and took care of the final registration of our marriage – it is now officially happening on the 23rd of July.

Much yayness and birthday-ness. Presents shall be given shortly. And tonight we shall go see Star Trek. (We saw Wolverine yesterday, and it sucked in a rather boring and non-hilarious way.)

Also, yesterday I suddenly came up with the coolest idea ever for Phenomenon 32. I am so glad I have taken the time to put in more details. Now the game world is not only considerably larger – approximately 100 screens/areas all in all – but also way more complex. And the anomalies caused by Phenomenon 32 are much nastier. Especially the one I came up with yesterday. Muahahaha.

OK, back to the birthday of the most wonderful being in all the universe, who gives meaning to my days and purpose to my life. Or possibly the other way around. It’s good, anyway. In fact, it doesn’t get any better. (Sorry cat, you come in second. But you’re cute, too.)