The Boat That Rocked

If you only see one movie this year, see The Boat That Rocked.

It’s not about rock and roll – it is rock and roll. It is pure, unadulterated rock. It is funny, sexy, honest, touching, hilarious, heartwarming, silly, crazy and magical. It is perfect.

It is a giant slap in the face of stuck-up conservatives everywhere, a celebration of life and joy and humour and sex and, above all, music. That’s why this movie, like Almost Famous, is true to the spirit of rock and roll. Because it loves the music. It loves the music and the characters and life.

That many critics will see it as a silly comedy tells you how low the world of art has sunken. This is art. This movie says more about art than all the Adornos and Blooms of the world will ever say. Its view of humanity is more important than all the ravings of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. I am serious about that. Profoundly serious. And I pity anyone whose enjoyment of life is so twisted that he cannot understand that.

Or, as The Count would say, fuck that sideways.

See this movie. Please – do yourself a favour. See it, and enjoy it. Laugh your arse off, love the characters, love the music. Love the pure, pure joy of it. The freedom of it.

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