Review. Things that will be.

There’s a new review of Desert Bridge that made me very happy:

On first impression, the whole game feels playful and offbeat. All of the graphics are sketched in crayon with a passion for colour and oddity rivaling that of a six year old. All the characters and spaces are slightly kooky, from the cat who believe he’s an emperor, to the spider-pig, the cuddly dinosaur in the garden, the collection of stoned mushrooms in the pantry, the giant hamsters, to Horaffe, the bionic giraffe. Coupled with all of this, the soundtrack really wouldn’t be out of place in some sort of clay-mation mystery adventure.

To some extent, all of this makes the game seem like it must be targeted at children, but it’s really not. The humour’s quite sophisticated and sometimes subtle, there’s a distinct hint of sadness throughout, and without giving away the ending, let me just mention that the word ’sinister’ in the title doesn’t mean that everyone is left handed.

I was so happy when I read this that I picked up the cat and waved her around a bit. She didn’t mind, but jumped onto the windowsill to demand some sweets, which I proceeded to give her despite having already given her far too many today. (Not actual sweets. Cat treats filled with cheese and chicken. But I think of them as sweets. Or sweeties. My vocabulary goes all strange when I’m talking to the cat.)

In completely different news, I am considering taking part in the Independent Gaming Source’s Cockpit Competition. Maybe. Things are being considered.

Projects page should be up soon.

I have finally, finally gotten all my film-related files onto the new PC. We’re talking hundreds of GBs. Phew! Now to finish the damn thing.

Also in the works: reviews and thoughts about Battlestar Galactica, Hogfather, and Lost. And maybe some podcast-type things.

And tomorrow I get to redesign my aquarium, because my turtles are out of hibernation and coming back from the vet. The land bit will now have a bonsai on it. How awesome is that?

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