Stuff to be added

I’m considering putting up my “Projects” page again. I’d taken it down when I moved servers because it never seemed to be up-to-date, and because I generally don’t like to say too much about what I’m working on (I’d rather put the energy into the actual work). But it’s probably not a bad thing to have on the website, so it’ll probably go back up, with more info.

Sometimes I also consider putting the “donations” button back up, but with three donations in five years I’m not sure it’s worth it. (I’m not bitter about this. It’s kind of hilarious.)

Anything else? Oh, yeah, the Museum of Broken Memories patch. Tonight. Let’s see if this one works.

And if you happen to have one of those odd computers where Desert Bridge is resized and won’t work properly, please email me. I could really use some help to figure out this problem. It’s not a bug, you see – Desert Bridge doesn’t even have the ability to resize itself. No, as I said elsewhere, this isn’t a case of Desert Bridge doing something, it’s a case of Windows doing something TO Desert Bridge. I think. So, if you want to help – let me know.

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