Post-Christmas Post


I don’t have much to say right now. Christmas was fun – managed to surprise Verena with some nice presents, including two signed/personalized copies of Peter S. Beagle books. Also got some cool stuff, the best of which was a collection of Eddie Izzard DVDs. Izzard is my all-time favourite stand-up comedian, and I highly recommend his work, especially Definite Article, Dress to Kill and Glorious. His sense of humour is almost identical to mine, down to how he structures his jokes. The only real difference between us is in the clothing.

Anyway, here’s Eddie talking about Pavlov’s Cats. Enjoy. If you’ve ever known a cat, you will know how real this is.

Also finally managed to download X-Com: Apocalypse off Steam (I have the original, but getting it to run is hard as hell) and Verena and I are now playing it and having a lot of fun. They really don’t make them like they used to. This makes recent strategy games look like Minesweeper.

Will write again soon, with stuff that is actually interesting.