Review! Review! Review!


Perhaps I should sound more dignified. Perhaps I should do the whole “been there, done that” thing. I’ve had reviews before. Hell, I’ve had reviews in printed magazines. Well, once. Maybe twice. But the point is, I’ve been making games for eight years now, Last Rose has been called a “classic of the freeware genre” (whatever that means) and I’m the great wise artist who is above the common –

Oh, screw this. Of course I’m excited when someone writes about my games. Especially when it’s the first review of a new game. And even more so when it’s a positive review in a cool blog.

The humor is actually cute and funny, not “oh, ha ha” trying-to-be-funny like, say, Broken Sword. The art, although simple, is charming and colorful. The characters are well-rendered and lovable. The music, done by previously-unknown-to-me musician and apparent faepirate Helen Trevillion, is cute, and some pieces, such as the subtle choral upstairs variation of the theme, qualify as gorgeous. The ending is delightful. And Bob the Spider.

Awesome, as the mushrooms would say. And Bob the Spider is most grateful for the mention – another step forward in his burgeoning career as arachnid celebrity.

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