Beta testers needed

Desert Bridge is almost complete.

The game is fully playable, all the graphics are there, and almost all of the cosmetic details too. Right now we’re waiting for Helen to finish the music, and then… well, then you get to explore the House at Desert Bridge.

Now, if there are any brave adventurers out there who would like to get an early look, and help me out with the testing process, that would be most delightful. I’d love to hear from people with as wide a variety of systems as possible, as long as they’re capable of playing Windows games. (That would include people running Linux using a Windows emulator! I hate it that my games only run on Windows.) I’m also very interested in older versions of Windows (95/98) and the dreaded Vista (not much of a loss if it doesn’t run there, but still).

Obviously there’s no payment involved, but your name will be put into the game and readme, so at least there’s credit.

Contact me at me AT, using BETA TESTER as a subject so that I know you’re not trying to sell me viagra for hot women to forget about world crisis and receive replica gold eCard from Nigerian breast enlargement free meds of unbelievable quality.

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