for anyone still harbouring illusions about the Democrats…

From: McCain launches fall campaign as Obama embraces Iraq “surge”

Only a few hours earlier, Democrat Barack Obama, in an interview on Fox television, waved the white flag on what had once been the principal issue in his campaign, the war in Iraq. He told right-wing talk show host Bill O’Reilly that the escalation of US military aggression in Iraq, dubbed the “surge” by Bush and McCain, had “succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.” He went on to threaten military action against Iran as well.

In the end, both Obama and McCain represent the same system. They share some minor differences, in outlook and in tactics, but these are only superficial. They are both there to uphold capitalism and the elite running said system; they do not, in any way, represent the interests of the people.

I know a lot of people will say Obama is just saying all this to get the swing voters, but that’s just self-delusion; we are all aware that the reason Obama was so popular was because he promised change, and presented himself as an opponent of the Iraq war. That’s how he got the massive support he used to have. That’s why McCain is now trying to present himself as an opponent of the Bush administration. Because, as the numbers have shown us, most American citizens are utterly, utterly opposed to the war and to the current administration’s social and economic policies.

But in a political system that is owned by the wealthy and does nothing but defend their interests, neither of the two major parties will ever bring forth a candidate opposed to the status quo.