Reign of Fire (short review)

Some movies are so bad, they’re hilarious. Some movie are bad and just blah. This falls somewhere inbetween. The plot, while cool on a very basic conceptual level (post-apocalyptic world full of dragons) is so badly thought through that it makes your head hurt. I mean, the whole movie is based on the idea that there is a species which has only got a single male specimen. Not per colony or group, but for the whole damn species! And we’re supposed to believe they’ve survived for millions of years? Give me a bloody break.

It does have some good scenes here and there – people acting out Star Wars as a fairy-tale for kids – and Alexander Siddig (whom we worship) is in it for a while, but it’s just plain old crap. Also, some of the most ridiculous and illogical sets I’ve ever seen… with flames burning in every corner, decades after the dragons have burned everything to cinders.

Hell, not even the dragons are particularly cool, and dragons are innately cool – I mean, giant fire-breathing reptiles, what more can you want? A lot, apparently.

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