Going for the Hitler thing…

Berlusconi has been in power for just two months, and already he’s going for the full-on Hitler thing. It’s amazing to see fascism spread its wings over Europe again, and most people not even reacting. This why shit happened the last time, you’d think someone would get that this is why it’ll happen again… only with a different face. This time it’ll be Muslims and other immigrants instead of Jews… though the Roma and Sinti seem to be on the list yet again. Not that anyone remembers these days what was done to them back then.

It’s depressing, really.

[from Italy: Berlusconi government steps up its attacks on Roma and foreigners ]

Silvio Berlusconi has now governed Italy for two months. The multi-billionaire media magnate enjoys a clear parliamentary majority following the humiliating election defeat of all those organisations which emerged from the former Italian Communist Party-in particular Communist Refoundation (Rifondazione Comunista).

Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition […] has introduced repressive anti-immigration measures, forcibly deported poor immigrants, opened the way for the use of the Italian army for domestic purposes and agreed on Italy’s return to nuclear energy. At the same time Berlusconi has introduced a new immunity law which exempts him from legal prosecution.

[…] the latest measure to be agreed by the government: a file is to be drawn up, particularly for Sinti and Roma, containing a DNA data base with digital fingerprints and photos of each individual. The file is to be extended to small children. In order to implement this data base, the government reactivated a fascist law from 1941.

It’s time for worldwide socialist movement. It’s time for these people to get kicked out and, in some cases, put into prison. There’s no more time or space for half-measures and foolish hopes in Social Democrat parties that do nothing but implement the same policies with different names. Either we learn from history or we’re going to repeat the extra-shitty version of it.