How You Can Tell That Your Wife Is An Excellent Cook

So you buy yourself one of them instant noodle soup thingies, something that’s supposed to taste of garlic and prawns. Turns out it tastes of nothing with an aftertaste of blah. Your wife takes the soup to the kitchen, puts in a bunch of spices, and it comes back tasting somewhere between good and yummy.

What, you expected that sentence to end with “tasting perfect”? Then you don’t know what that stuff tasted of in the first place. The sheer nothingness of it could have absorbed all of a less talented cook’s spices. And no matter what the cook does, she can’t fix the blahness inherent in the noodles.

And if you still doubt her abilities, you should join our role-playing group (no, you can’t) and get served three-course themed meals with each session.

Hmmm. I hope the Kamikaze Cookery DVD I ordered arrives soon.

Anyway, that’s how you can tell.