The Infinite Ocean is now available at Kongregate! Rating/sharing/nomming will be appreciated.

I’m slightly sick at the moment, which has kept me from updating. It’s already getting better, though, so I’ll be back to work tomorrow, I hope.


  1. Alright. As soon as you do, I’ll start telling everybody on Facebook. I was gonna do it today, but I was waiting for more people to be on, and I also wanted to see whether you were going to post it to Newgrounds. I’ll probably link it to Newgrounds. Do you get more money if it’s played on Armor Games? If so, I’ll link it there.

  2. As far as I know, the only place where I currently make money from people playing the game is Kongregate, but with the game not being exclusive, the rating not being very high and the game thus not being on the front page, the plays are too few to generate any actual income. (Which is not a surprise.) If I understand Newgrounds correctly, they also have a revenue sharing service, but I haven’t looked at any details yet.

  3. Kalicatmon

    Yay! favorited, and yes, put it on newgrounds as well; I can five it there too :3

    As for the score, give it a little more time. People love this stuff on kong :3

    As for everything else that’s been said back and fourth, i’m of two minds now. I still think that disarming a military is and never will be a clean solution; To do so will require another military or creature as powerful as one to beat it until it stops moving. That aside, I now agree with the idea that this is the dream of the SGDS itself, and given the choice it made what meaning does it the action or result have compared to it? As much as what happened to Cervantes, in some versions of the play I suspect.

  4. Kalicatmon

    actually scratch what I said in the third paragraph, that was dumb; It should be ‘…another military or creature much more powerful than it’s opponent…’ It’s relatively equal opponents fighting that have led to the longest, most drawn out and most costly results we currently know.

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