The Urthona Revolution

Say, didn’t you have this story lying around called The Urthona Revolution?

Yes… it was a good story, but for a number of reasons never turned into a game.

And didn’t you keep complaining about wanting to do some kind of episodic storytelling?

Yes, because I felt it would do me good to have the kind of project that actually allows me to release stuff regularly. A kind of creative pressure valve, if you will. Something I can work on every now and then, once or twice a week, to take my mind off of my bigger projects (without becoming a monster project itself).

Where is this going?

And didn’t you really enjoy making those collages for The Museum of Broken Memories?

Yes, that was-

And didn’t you just read this amazing webcomic called A Stray to Botaram which reminded you of the potential of the medium?

Yes, but I really don’t see where this is going. What could I possibly do with-


Now there’s an interesting idea. You mean like this?

(That’s a link, by the way.)

Yes, Jonas. That’s exactly what I mean. Granted, this is only a short teaser, but every story has to start somewhere… and this is where this one starts.

Who exactly are you, by the way?

I am the voice of Sky Cat. Here, Evil Roda took a photo of me.

Jesus Christ!

No, not really. I could kill Jesus Christ with a tray.

Or with your laser eyes.

This is true.

And if people don’t like the comic, they can stare at your photo and go into a trance.

They are already doing that. And so are you. That’s why you think you’re reading this.

What? No! No! Aaaaaaaaargh!

And now, a selection of musical cues from The Twilight Zone


  1. You’re welcome!

    I haven’t read enough to give meaningful feedback, though I would like to. I’ve been aware of the site for a while, but I simply haven’t managed to find enough time to sit down and read. I haven’t even read a single page of the novel I’m currently reading in several weeks. I need to get into some kind of more healthy rhythm.

  2. Museum's Guard

    A web-web-web-web-web…

    A webcomic!!!

    I mean, a webcomic. A w e b c o m i c . B y J o n a s K y r a t z e s.

    Again. A webcomic. By Jonas Kyratzes.

    This is great. Am very much looking forward to reading it.

    A webcomic!

    (Oh, and it does remind me of The Fever Room, forever my favourite game scenario/setting. But this is different, this is something else. )

    “By Jonas Kyraztes!”

    Edited by God: Wish granted.

  3. I look forward to reading this webcomic.

    On a different note, I have a new computer and have been playing Phenomenon 32. Thus far, I’m really digging the atmosphere. Controls are still a tad sensitive, but I’m steadily getting used to it. And the music… you made a good choice there, Jonas. Excellent work.

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