A Sign from the Sky Cat

How to tell when the Trickster is telling you that you should leave the upload for the morning:

  1. Realize you’ve forgotten to put the extended credits in the manual.
  2. Open the manual file.
  3. Add a new page with the credits.
  4. Watch as OpenOffice crashes and loses everything you just wrote.
  5. Silently stare at the screen and wonder why OpenOffice should crash today of all days, when it has never ever crashed on you before.
  6. Understand the sign.
  7. Go to bed.

Not much longer, folks. I know it’s been a rough and annoying journey, but I finally have a file that I’m pretty confident has no major bugs and works as intended. I’ve spend nearly every day in the last few weeks working for something like 10 hours, so I hope you understand that all these delays were not the result of laziness. It’s just the lethal combination of a pre-1.0 game development kit and a game that is very complex and quite huge.

(I counted the levels today. There are 71 of them. Not bad, huh? Some are small and some are big, but there’s plenty to explore.)

Final game size is 265MB, by the way.

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