The Swiss Minarets

Swiss population: 7,739,100

Muslims in Switzerland: 4.3%

Mosques: 150

Minarets: 4

And over this they passed their fascist anti-minaret law. But they have to preserve their Lebensraum, right? All those filthy foreigners destroying their pure Aryan culture… maybe they need to start learning from Bush and Obama, start building some concentration camps.

The very fact that the whole world is not coming down on these barbarians shows just how close to the end of civilization we are.


  1. Evil Roda

    You know, I think there’s going to be another Holocaust. Think about it. Right before the Holocaust, there were a lot of sentiments against the Jews, just like it is for Muslims now.
    After it occurs, people will be shocked and horrified, even though they caused it with their intolerance and hatred.

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