Looks like I’m not going to be finishing Phenomenon 32 in September after all. It’s not far from completion, but level-building is taking longer than anticipated, and so is remixing the music. It’s not that any of it is difficult per se, or that I’m having conceptual or design issues – it’s just that I’m making a rather large game, and being very obsessive about the details. Some will never notice this, because they won’t be able to see past the minimalism and abstraction of the graphics, but a lot of thought has gone into achieving both interesting and challenging environments, and a strong atmosphere. And it’s all working quite splendidly – but every additional ruined city or anomaly-infested area or what-have-you takes another few hours to do properly.

So when will the game be released? I’d say in something like 10-20 days, depending on work, health, and testing. I’m hoping to make tomorrow a major level-building day; let’s see if I manage.

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  1. I keep my fingers crossed and wish you an easy & smooth workday. 🙂

  2. Sarah

     /  September 29, 2009

    Jonas, I personally think its better that one take their time and do the job properly. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, both of you. I’m trying very hard to make the kind of game I would enjoy to play, and I hope others (read: you) will enjoy it.

  4. Cees

     /  September 29, 2009

    We’re used to delay in Gamesworld. Just make a great game ,as allways, and take your time! Succes.

  5. After the greatness of Desert Bridge, I believe that Phenomenon 32 will be well worth the extra wait. Get it done on your own time, Jonas. Rushed art is usually of poor quality.