The Witcher

After playing The Witcher – one of the most highly acclaimed RPGs of the last few years – for a couple of hours, we just sent the following e-mail to our friend Ivo:

Has there ever been a game with worse writing?
Has there ever been a game that made us wince so often?
Has there ever been a game that made us more embarrassed to be looking at it?
Has there ever been a game that is more clearly a rip-off of about twenty other fantasy worlds?
Has there ever… oh screw it, just thinking about it is too embarrassing!

We managed to learn how to love Two Worlds, but I’m not so sure about this game… the writing isn’t just painful, it’s PAINFUL. Like, it makes me want to rip out my brain just to forget the sheer idiocy of some of the lines. Ohh, it so wants to be edgy and sexy and gritty and ambiguous… and all it is is painfully, PAINFULLY adolescent.

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  1. boo_boo

     /  March 6, 2009

    yup, the game is weird and mediocre 🙂
    Witcher the book is adolescent too, but it’s cute and playful at the same time. but the game… aaargh!

  2. Lun

     /  August 6, 2009

    Oh, and here I thought I was the only one who thought that game sucked. I’m glad to hear there’s someone else who feels the same…